100-word Film Review: Center Stage

If any statement below applies to you, I recommend immediately cocooning yourself by watching “Center Stage,” the Snuggie of early-2000s movies:

  1. You like quotable movies with Peter Gallagher as an antagonist.
  2. You think that Mandy Moore’s music was the pinnacle of 2000s pop OR you know all the words to Jamiroquai’s “Canned Heat.”
  3. You fantasize about two potential romantic partners (spoiler: one of them is a Bad Boy) competing for your attention in a dance-off.
  4. You are a dancer OR you didn’t know that Zoë Saldana could dance.
  5. You live for on-stage dramatic costume changes.

Ariel M. Goldenthal received her MFA from George Mason University where she is now an assistant professor of English. Her work is forthcoming from or has appeared in MoonPark Review, Fiction Southeast, and Emerge Literary Journal. Follow her on Twitter @arielgoldenthal.

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