100-word Film Review: Southland Tales

Southland Tales is an epic story about…um… Geez, this is going to be hard.
Ok – The Rock is an actor who was kidnapped and killed. There’s a corrupt Republican party, and a porn star working with a neo-Marxist group is trying to take them down. Also, there’s Justin Timberlake and he’s addicted to a new drug. And there’s “fluid Karma” and two Hummers have sex.
Also, there’s the mega zeppelin above DTLA and a thug on a floating ice cream truck with a grenade launcher blows it up. What am I missing… Bai Ling, and a musical number.

Keith Langston writes for Travel Channel, Screen Rant, and Passport Magazine, among others. His personal essays have been featured in Hobart and Talking Writing. His passions are travel, film, and tea.

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