100-word Film Review: The Kissing Booth

Strap in for a ride you will never want to remember. The Kissing Booth, now headed for its third, unnecessary installment, strives to be the perfect mixture of objectification and popcorn humor. With a cliché friendship breaking at the hinges, the only thing that can keep them apart are short skirts and make-out sessions. Removing the repulsive plot and mundane characters will only leave audiences with the flashing lights of the California seaside. It’s a cardboard copy of the 80s romance niche and seeks to be nothing more. The one positive is Joey King; she wins every time.

Lynsey Giardina (@lynsey_giardina) is a Senior at Loyola University New Orleans, earning her bachelor’s degree in English with a concentration in Creative Writing. She’s the Editor-in-Chief of the campus’s online magazine: Critical and Creative Arts Publication. She’s also read for the 1718 Literary Society and presented at Loyola’s Annual Peace Conference.

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