100-word Film Review: The Evil Dead (1981)

Sam Raimi’s cult classic harbors nothing introspective, endearing, nor intelligent—and that’s what makes it so hellishly fun. Through creative visual effects, a surface-level, creepy-enough script, and the true essence of low-budgeteering, The Evil Dead is a film best enjoyed with a group of friends, a 24-pack of Schlitz, and preferably played on VHS in someone’s basement. Those that dare call this cinema are likely also those daring enough to wander into the woods, find an abandoned cabin, and summon the evil dead. So find your friends, and let’s take a ride in my Oldsmobile Delta 88…

Rory Crane Arnold spends too much time with Pabst Blue Ribbon, Italo Calvino, and his hound mutt Seamus. A 2019 graduate of Millikin University, Rory received a B.A. in Creative Writing. His work has appeared in Every Day Fiction and Collage Literary Magazine. Find him on Twitter: @RoryCraneArnold

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