The Frog Was The Final Straw

This 100-word flash story won our flash competition held on August 10, 2020.

“You spent…$200…On a frog?!?”
“Not any frog. An ‘Ornate Horned Frog.'”
She bit her lip. She’d worked sixty hours at two separate jobs, while he’d spent the week stoned, watching Powerpuff Girls, and gushing about his new man bun.
“That’s it. Out of here! Now!”
“Babe, don’t be like that,” he said as she hustled him out the door.
She wondered what she’d ever seen in him all those years ago. Maybe his kickflip at the skate park? His skills at DDR? How they both loved playing Tony Hawk on PS2?
The thrill was gone.
And now, he was too.

J.L. Matthews writes humor, fiction, and history posts at: Follow them on Twitter: @JLMatthews5

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