100-word Film Review: A League of their Own

Girls can’t play ball!
Did you know that with the guidance of Penny Marshall, girls can play ball? Also, Madonna can act.
A League of Their Own is one of the greatest sports films ever created. Hans Zimmer’s score, accurate in-game editing, Marshall’s topnotch direction, what more could it offer? But, in a film donning some of Tom Hanks’ greatest dialogue, Penny Marshall’s hilarious wartime drama about Women’s Pro Baseball knocks it clear out of the park!
Baseball, World War II, and a major sibling rivalry all wrapped into one. Tell me, does she drop it on purpose?

Scott Niemi – Radio/TV/Film major from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. Ended up in a totally different profession (Tennis Professional) than I had intended. I went to school longer than Van Wilder. @ScottNiemi2

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