My Amaltas

The amaltas waits
But we mustn’t move
In her, very, yellow afternoons
Shamed in sweat, laughing in the jugular vein
I sat, to snapchat
Her shade.
My Amaltas
Must be lonely these days
The University is closed, so ‘they’ say
At least it has forbidden us
Her lovers, for we must only wait
While stray admirers
Probably feline
Jump up or around her
My Amaltas
Bereft of my technological visits
My Amaltas not snapchat-ted at all;
This year has deprived us all
Of love, of the touch, but mostly tactile
But maybe cats kiss her
My Amaltas
Does she shy away

I am Rida Akhtar Ghumman, a post-grad student of English Literature. I have published nationally (I am based in Pakistan) and internationally but mostly I stay hidden: cocooned with books and tea. I can be reached on Twitter and Instagram at @RidaAkhtar_

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