First time

I thought it would hurt
I thought I would
sink and drown
that something below
would cut me
that hypothermia
would get me and
they’d have to ladle
my lifeless body to shore

I thought the waves
would take me
and I’d get torn
to pieces by sharks
or mermen
would lure me
with enchanted melody
and I’d never

I was wrong.
You held
my hand and we walked
(me wearing sandals)
Into the unknown.
The only melody we heard
was a drunk girl’s
‘I will survive’
on the Pier.

Nora Blascsok writes poetry and lives by the sea. She grew up in Hungary, but spent most of her adult life in the UK. Her poems are due out with Press Cypress, Pink Plastic House, Dreich and Mineral Lit Mag. She’s been published in anthologies and recently in Streetcake Magazine.

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