Man of your work
Everyone saw it
Everyone felt it
Everyone heard
Man of your word
Black panther
Worldwide movie
You all made history
Inspired little ones to just be
Regardless of colour or creed
You are apart of that, it’s apart of your legacy
Your word was never overshadowed by money, fame nor greed
Now we all hope you are resting in peace
We hope you are flying high and feel free
Thank you for inspiring a generation

Jemelia is a primary school Teacher, Poet and Spoken Word Artist.
She loves all things poetry and spoken word and would love to see her work all over the world in print/word and on stage/TV.

Jemelia’s poem ‘United’ will be published in ‘The Fly On The Wall‘ Magazine in September 2020, her other poems; ‘Grandma and Grandad’ and ‘Protests’ will also be published in September in a Journal in Scotland, England. Follow her on Twitter @jemeliapoet or on Instagram @foryouandi3

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