The B.E.E.R Theory

Any man who cannot show his true colour before you
is a BEER without a foam head,
discard him.

Any man who does not rejoice with you
like an open BEER responds to celebration,
is a suspect, don’t drink with him.

Anyman who becomes uncomfortable
at the mention of the word, BEER,
is someone that has not told you anything reasonable.

Anybody that despises you today
because you mentioned drinking BEER,
forget such self-righteous fellow
& run as fast as possible to see tomorrow.

I like BEER
I drink responsibly
and above all, I believe in the BEER Theory
My conscience is knitted to the maxim
Believe Everything, Experience Reality (B.E.E.R)

Maxwell Onyemaechi Opia-Enwemuche also known as the Beer Bard, is an enigmatic poet, a storyteller, and a novelist who writes from Port Harcourt, Nigeria. He writes mostly on depression, suicide, sensuality, humanity, Boy Child, Rape, life, death and above all, Love. He believes in the mutual existence of humanity for the sake of peace to heal the world. His manuscript, ‘Ozemena!’ a collection of the Nigeria-Biafra civil war was electronically published recently by Poemify.

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