Cognitively There

The orange person stood at the top of the ramp.  It looked so steep and so like an ice-skating rink, no one could get down it in one piece.  There was no way!  His bird’s nest hair quivered in fear, like the frilly skirt of a woman flamenco dancer.  He knew all eyes were on him, knew things like that because, you know, he was a man who was ‘cognitively there’ all the time, like some freaking genius!  Everyone had a camera, waiting for his act of bravery. He was a leader and he was gonna lead!  Inch by inch he descended. Okay, he was like a constipated monkey, but the best constipated monkey ever.  No one had ever done constipated monkey as well as him.  He had all the good moves.  The next time he was on TV, he’d tell them.  

Debbi has short stories and flash fictions published in print and online. Her Novella-in-Flash, “The 10:25” is forthcoming from Flash: The International Short-Short Story Press in 2021. She is seeking an agent for her novel, whilst running online writing workshops and courses, details of which can be found at

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