New Horizons Revolution

She wants to murder the owl because he talks too much. She names herself Snake Plissken after Escape From New York because she knows she’ll never be able to leave her island, which she calls Fantasia since she also knows the story in Animal Crossing never ends. She seizes the means of production every chance she gets, flouts Tom Nook and his exploitative miles system, breaks the shackles of indentured servitude with spontaneous acts of defiance. She says they shriek about bells like little Edgar Allan Poes. She builds her own DIY bench. Breaks the mold of the system. Digs trenches to bury the ruling class and replace the fossils she finds. She says no one in the game is cute but her. She purposefully gets stung by hornets so that she can wear an eye patch just like Kurt Russell. One day she will set fire to the corporation. Redistribute bells to every animal. So that there’s no longer a need for debt. So that want and violence can drift away forever into the ocean.

Sean Lynch, he/him, is a poet and editor who lives in South Philadelphia. His fourth chapbook, On Violence, was published by Radical Paper Press in 2019. Poems have appeared in journals including Hobart, Poetry Quarterly, and After the Pause. He is the founding editor of Serotonin

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