Somebody Told Me I was a Failure, I’ll Prove Them Wrong

If you’re gonna be a writer
You gotta come with
That Uzumaki Naruto energy.
Vowing to be the greatest
No matter how many times
They laugh at you, doubt you,
or talk behind your back.
You mustn’t bother to care
Believing in yourself is the only way
As the years go by, they’ll be shocked
Watching you unleash the beast within
Metaphorically making you
A 9 tailed demon fox with the pen
Or a kindred spirit like Rock Lee.
Always exhibiting respect for your sensei.
While never abandoning your comrades.
Even if it means a bloody battle,
Even if it means a darker day.
If you win the battle against you
You too could be a literary hokage,
And then we’ll celebrate your success
Over the biggest bubbling bowl of ramen.

Chris L. Butler is an Afro-Dutch poet, essayist, and historian from Philadelphia, PA. His work has been featured in Versification, Perhappened, Trampset Magazine, Lucky Jefferson, Medium, and NewPages.

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