Two Poems By Davina N. Johnson

Saucy Sauce
The sauce has me in it’s clutches.
I welcome it’s bubbly embrace.
It asks for a dance, I don’t put up a fight.
It takes my hand, and sets the pace.
Faster and faster we go, the room starts spinning all around.
We continue to dance to and fro,
When suddenly we crash and hit the ground.
The sauce and I look upon each other and laugh.
On the horizon the sun begins to crest.
The sauce is a dear friend to have,
And this night together has been one of our best.

Freed from your prison
With a small space to see out
It’s time to die.

Davina N. Johnson is a queer and non-binary aspiring poet, who for the time being is writing for the pure unadulterated joy of it. In June of 2020, their poem “I’ll tell you what”, was selected to appear in Lucky Jefferson’s upcoming digital zine “Awake”. Davina hails from Hampton Roads, VA.

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