Wasps in the Rear View Mirror

I recall the summer
I discovered
wasps in the driver’s side
rear view mirror
of the El Camino.
Being not too fond of
wasps, bees &
other such things,
& scared to death
of facing them,
I asked my wife to
take a can of Raid
and murder them for me.

She did a good job of it,
and I continued driving
that El Camino for years
until I gave it to my
the rear view mirror
beginning again
to be filled with wasps.

Poet Jack e Lorts is published widely online such places as Haggard and Halloo, Eunoia Review, Locust, Poetry Breakfast, Dead Snakes, etc. His book, “The Love Songs of Ephram Pratt” from Uttered Chaos Press, appeared in 2019. A retired educator & pseudo-politico, he lives in rural eastern Oregon.

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