It was never transformed from water.

There is no miracle here.

Besides how a pool of haemoglobin
Can miraculously minister to all witnesses.

Religion can be formed around this.

My cup runneth over,
Don’t mind the spillage.

Not all pools are meant for swimming,
But all bodies offer baptism.

On days where there is too much life in you so you decide to donate.

Red Cross Wine…

A barely aged cabernet,
With a sickly sweet taste.

Religion can be formed around this.

Partake of this elixir and be in communion.
Intoxicate and rejoice.
For,today you will see paradise


For today, you will see paradise

Either way,
Religion can be formed around this.

Takudzwa Goniwa is a poet based in the outskirts of Harare, Zimbabwe. A son of the soil who draws inspiration from the nature he is immersed in, His work covers a myriad of topics including mental health and modern masculinity.

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