New Millennium Shuffle

this is a world a world of burning a world
of always becoming and never being
a wasteland world
a world of ecological neglect
of certitude
of diminishing returns
of unfortunate inheritance

this is a wal-mart nacho cheese dueling religion life
liberty & flat earth conspiracy
kind of world
a world of midde-of-the-road anti-intellectual
average joe
bootlicker kind of world a world of data mining
and mindless drudgery
a world of groupthink
groupchats grouphugs and groupon

in this world
we are numbers born to consume
resources whether it be a Brazilian
butt implant or a bigger
collection of 70s glam barware
than his neighbor

this is a world a world in denial
a world of forgotten
and geraniums this is a turning its back
to the waterfall
kind of world a world of beef
and business and booze and buggery,
a world,
a world, a world
in which everyone wants to be somewhere
they’re not.

M.P. Powers is a cross between a centrifugal water pump and a can of corned beef hash. His poetry has recently been published in Red Fez, Slipstream & Chiron Review, and he co-edits 11 Mag. His Twitter address is @mppowers1132.

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