Feeling tired? Syncopated?
Full of mildew?
Worn down by the continual catastrophes, sorrows and disappointments of late capitalism?

Why not try PRODUCT? The revolutionary new
way to do anything. PRODUCT is easy- and
convenient! PRODUCT comes in three sizes
is easy to clean, easier to sharpen, features
fifteen replaceable parts, no longer emits
strange singing in ancient languages from
unseen speakers, smells faintly of fireworks
from your childhood, will give you more time
to do the things you love like billiards, social
distancing or grave digging. PRODUCT will
turn you more beautiful, smarter and less
socially awkward when meeting people
you don’t know. PRODUCT will transform
your body with no effort required on your part.
PRODUCT will comfort you when you are sad
will listen when no else is able to. When you
awake at three in the morning heart thumping
as if it wants to break free of your chest, thoughts
like a runaway train, disasters unfolding on the
inside of your eyelids, PRODUCT will hold you
as you shake, stroke your hair until you drift
and become snow. Your life was a still lake
before PRODUCT, you were trapped in a grey
cloud without detail. PRODUCT is the answer
to questions you didn’t know you had, PRODUCT
is comfort and peace, finally gained. PRODUCT
is a warm embrace of light, a release from gravity,
is your jaw unclenching after grinding your teeth
to dust for years. PRODUCT costs. Everything does.
Buy PRODUCT today at all places.

WARNING: Do not ingest, compress or bless or stress
PRODUCT, terms and conditions apply, by purchasing
PRODUCT you agree to constant monitoring, analysis
and distribution of your blood type, your nightmares
your emotions and your diary entries. The manufacturer
does not accept any liability for malfunction of PRODUCT
or if it sparks, maims or forgives, if it empties your bank
account or breaks up your marriage. Do not expose PRODUCT
to the harsh realities of every day life. PRODUCT may be
sharp or hot or unpleasant to touch. PRODUCT
will never save you, however much you want it to.

David Ralph Lewis is a poet based in Bristol, UK, He has two pamphlets out; Our Voices in the Chaos, published by Selcouth Station and Refraction. When not writing, he enjoys dancing badly at gigs, attempting to grow vegetables and taking photos. You can follow him at

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