Castle Security

A man’s home is his castle.

     He will try to keep bad people out.

There are some things we’d like to see

     or at least dream about.

A moat filled with piranha,

     who are ready to eat.

Deciding to enter the water

     turns you into dead meat.

Entry sequences must be pre-approved

     before giving it a try.

Strangers stepping the wrong way,

     risk the chance to live or die.

The drawbridge lowers.

     You attempt to walk across.

Not following the right path

     will force you to be tossed.

Travel through a maze

     of twelve feet tall corn.

It’s easy if you know the way.

     If not, you’ll wish you were never born.

Laser equipped drones

     will follow your entire path.

If you are a stranger,

     prepare to meet their wrath.

Enter an open field

     filled with landmines.

In order to go through it,

     you must know the proper lines.

These are some things,

     we would really like to see.

I guess we’ll have to settle

     for a strong lock and key.

Nelson R. Locher writes rhymes about life in Western New York. Several have been published in The Buffalo News, WestWard Quarterly, Ariel Chart and, of course, The Daily Drunk.

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