On a Parks & Recreation Nostalgia Trip in 2020

Biden is Leslie’s number one political hero

And crush

And look who is trying to topple the Trumpeter in Chief

In this beautiful wreck of a year

Ron Swanson loves Lagavulin and hates bananas.

So he’s a carbon copy of me

Minus the libertarianism.

The narrative arc of the entire show is phenomenal.

I seriously think about this multiple times a year

Ever since the season finale

And I cried this year when they all were in quarantine.

I think we’re all crying a little bit in quarantine.

Fight me.

If I could show you a GIF with April holding scissors

I would

Right here

Below this line.

Bye bye lil’ Sebastian.

It had to be said.

You are five thousand candles in the fucking wind.

Kevin A. Risner has published My Ear is a Sieve, Lucid, and Five Seconds Could Last Five Years. He also has re-homed work in The Second Change Anthology by Variant Lit. He likes running and a nice scotch, but not at the same time.

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