Reasons why the Netflix Web Series Love is one of the Best Shows

  1. Judd Apatow is a genius – Hellen Mirren said so. And she’s been knighted (the female version).
  2. You learn how to casually whip out your vibrator during sex to satisfy your fussy clit.
  3. It reminds you that you can own more than one vibrator at a time (Vibrator Investment 101).
  4. Theme songs for movies that have no theme songs is the playlist you never knew you needed.
  5. The pre-emptive mind-fucking sex scene in all its hilarious glory.
  6. You deserve love no matter how screwed up you are.
  7. You deserve another chance whenever you fall off the wagon.
  8. You’ll start calling Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous – SLAA (like blaah).
  9. Mickey is the badass you aspire to be.
  10. Bobby Lee plays Truman like the dazed colleague you rely on no matter their level of craziness.

M. S. likes writing flash fiction and poetry. Netflix is the ex she can’t let go of.

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