The Witches’ Chimney

So I spent a couple of weeks reconciling myself with my tequila-soaked misspent 21st year by wondering: what about mezcal? Here’s the result: an original and smoky, complex cocktail straight out of Salem, MA. Think “Long Island Iced Tea for grown-ups and without the headache.“ N.B.: You needn’t play Overwatch, but the drink will make playing it a LOT less infuriating.

The Witches’ Chimney:

Fill a shaker 1/2 way with ice. To the shaker add:

1/2 oz limeade

1/2 oz simple syrup** &

1/4 oz Raspberry liquor

1/2 oz Grand Mariner

1/2 oz vodka (the cleaner the flavour profile, the better)

1/2 oz dark rum

1/2 oz bourbon (or favourite — not too smoky — whiskey)

1/2 oz gin

1/2 oz mezcal 

** I use a homemade simple syrup of pure cane sugar, water, torn mint leaves, and a stick of cinnamon. Use a ratio of 1:1 cup for the sugar to water, boil with the mint and cinnamon, strain the solids out, and allow the syrup to cool. It’ll keep refrigerated for a month. 

If you want to watch the occasional recipe being made, check out my twitch account at We also talk about things like neoliberalism, fascism, and intersectional representation in games. All while inebriated. Great!

Brian Vlasak, MFA, PhD is a disabled essayist and thinker living in Salem, Massachusetts. Dr. Vlasak‘s work has been published in ‘Coffin Bell,’ Paragon Press’s ‘Echo: A Journal of Nonfiction,’ ‘Columbia Journal,’ and is forthcoming this in fall’s ‘Saranac Review’. They unwind by losing games of Overwatch.

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