Three Bryson Tiller Poems

Outta time
Like that we reached the end of time
Guess our love wasn’t written
In those J. Timberlake lines
Saw red flags but I still didn’t seen the signs
No red octagons, I don’t have glasses
Guess I been driving while blind

Outta time
Like we ran out of seconds
You played me first
Now you think I’m not satiated
Coming back for seconds
You said I’d come back but I learned my lesson
Now you think you got that come back
That’s why you following me now I’m guessing

Guessing you’ve been thinking about me
But I ain’t thinking about you
No Frank Ocean, no Drake
I been seen the views
I’ve laughed now and cried early
Not later, right now there’s no tears for me
It’s been a year outta time

But you think of those minutes
Our love was prepaid like in the 2000s
Guess we should’ve never exchanged digits

Digits I remember
When your fingers touched me
And gave me a spark
Wont ignite an old flame
I’m a treat you like tree bark
Since the truth came out
And then my mind went dark
Dark places I went
But I wasn’t afraid
Hand reached out to me
And I was saved
Thank you for
the untraveled roads you paved
I’ll leave you cradling old memories
And you gonna take it to the grave

Back then…
We had fun on Saturday’s and Sundays
Now and then
I have my sadder days and sunny days
A lot of things ended with those two s’s
Who knew it began with just a few stresses
Wasn’t sticking around while you clean up your messes
Had too much pain and not enough successes
Been counting my blessings

You kept tally of what I did and what I didn’t do
Wrote me off as a regular individual
Wrote me off left my feelings as residual
Now I got my foot on people’s necks
Guess the move was pivotal

And I guess you had a ball being a basket case
Saying it wasn’t the time nor was it the place
Place a time that a was better
Tell me a time when it’s good go say you didn’t want forever
I had a chance with forever twice with you
And no, I’m not enticing you
In the end, I paid the price by you

It’s been years since you meant something to me
Now you’ve made it your job to show you need some company
Well the company you keep was up to your satisfaction
Years later Kehlani must be playing
Still trying to be a distraction
Deep diving across socials
Trying to analyze the captions
And if you deny feeling something now
I’d be quick to say that’s cap son

You said bye
I said goodbye
The journey been over
Done living on a prayer
That thought been died
That sad movie been done
Rolled credits been cried
The games at the point were on
Now people were made to choose sides
Now we in two different stories
Two characters, two different lives

You just didn’t do it for me
Enriched in what if’s
Yet you do it poorly
This ain’t a PSA
No major announcement
Just a true story
No Joe Budden Podcast
And you not Rory

No love lost
And this ain’t love and hip hop
We walking down to different paths
We told each other to kick rocks
Them R&B songs been sold
Yet what it was had been flopped
My mind used to start up for you
Now it’s been stopped

I tried
I really tried…
Thought it would be always forever
And it was all a lie

Reggie Johnson is a poet reigning from Cincinnati, Ohio. Starting at the age of nine, Reggie has been writing poetry through their love of music and life experiences. He has 9 books now available on Amazon. You can follow him on Twitter @r_d_johnson and on IG @rdjohnsonwrites.

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