Three Poems By Alan ten-Hoeve

1. measuring one’s mortality through aging teen movies
Adventures in Babysitting is on HBO.
Followed by Blue Crush.
Adventures in Babysitting
was released in 1987.
Blue Crush in 2002.
I never saw Blue Crush
think of it as a movie that
isn’t from so long ago.
Yet it’s older than
Adventures in Babysitting was
when it was released.
Sometimes I think about that stuff.

2. flock blocked
while watching a flock of birds
on the deck this
our cat, Billy, launched herself
for an attack,
apparently forgetting
all about the
sliding screen door
separating her
from them

it’s not the first
she’s done that

i wonder if the birds
find this as
funny as I do

grunting in bed
from the pain when
i change positions
and do
just about
anything else

like a proper old man

Alan ten-Hoeve lives in the woods. His writing has appeared in The Daily Drunk, 433 Magazine, (Mac)ro(Mic), Versification and others. His music with The Multi-Purpose Solution can be found on Mint 400 Records. Twitter him @alantenhoeve

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