Amazing Gotland Campfire Beer

Good evening! The world is ending.

Let’s have a drink.

This is the Amazing Gotland Campfire Beer. Inspired by the marshmallow monster of Gotland, which is a Swedish island with a medieval city. The beautiful people like to go there in the summertime.

I should note that Michael Myers is both a serial killer and a Canadian comedian. Two sides of the same coin made possible by the Black Lodge.

What we have here is a collaboration. Amager Bryghus in Denmark and Malmö Brewing Company in Sweden. An “untraditional” ale, so they say. It comes in a traditional bottle. But bigger than most. One pint, zero point nine fluid ounces. That is satisfactory.

Let’s see how it pours…

It pours well. Very fluid; it exists in the liquid state typical of most beers.

Now for a taste. Smokey and woody, like the skies above us. Dark and malty, like the state of the world around of us. Smooth and easy, like the downward spiral before of us.

I like meatballs accompanied with lingonberries and cream sauce.

There is still some beer left in the bottle because it would not all fit in my pint glass.

I will fix that now.

Rowdy Geirsson unsuccessfully attempts to promote Leif Erikson awareness and barely maintains Scandinavian Aggression, a mediocre blog about Vikings. He is the editor of Norse Mythology for Bostonians and is a regular contributor to Metal Sucks, McSweeney’s, Points in Case, and Slackjaw. Follow him on Twitter @RGeirsson, or don’t.

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