Ripped To Shreds On An Autumn Day

After a nine-year hiatus, I decided to put on the rollerblades. 

They’d been a gift from a now-dead grandmother, and I didn’t like the recklessness they implied.  But, with nearly a decade of contemplation on the subject, I decided to give them a try.  

I’d forgotten that my next-door neighbor Marvin likes to keep chili in them. 

Now, as I whirl down the street with beans and braised beef squelching between my toes, hyenas won’t stop nipping at my feet.  One just chomped my heel.

Stupid scavengers.

I’ve got to figure out how Marvin keeps getting into my apartment.

Locus Magazine once called JOHN WEAGLY “a new writer worth reading and following.”  His short stories have won some awards.  As a playwright, his scripts have been produced on four continents. 

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