Baby Yoda and Friends

Baby Yoda woke up craving chicken nuggies.

Baby Buzz Lightyear woke up craving a McMuffin.

Baby The Hulk woke up craving an ice cold cup of orange juice, with the peel off cap.

Baby Kermit the Frog woke up craving those fucking golden ass crispy hash browns.

“Mother Disney, Mother Disney” they all cried! “Please take us to McDonald’s!”

A mysterious and shadowy cabal of financiers answered their pleas. This is what they meant by crying “Mother Disney.”

As they all snacked on their grease and salt, they felt safe and warm, deep within the embrace of billions of dollars.

Mordecai Martin is a 5th generation New Yorker working in a Philadelphian idiom. He has work forthcoming in Sortes, Gone Lawn, Toho Journal, and the Bitchin’ Kitsch. He blogs at and tweets @mordecaipmartin

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