Baby Yoda woke up craving chicken nuggies. It may have been after midnight, but I couldn’t be sure because of daylight savings. I’m not sure I’d “Fallen back” the clock on the stove. If I fed Baby Yoda now, he might turn into a Gremlin. But, wait, this is a “Baby Yoda” and not a Mogwai. How could I be sure? A “baby Yoda” is not a thing. It’s a baby of Yoda’s species. A baby me is not a “baby Mike” it’s a baby human. If Yoda’s a Mogwai, this is Baby Mogwai. We see Yoda eat in Empire, but there’s no clock. I could get him wet to see if he makes baby Baby Yodas. But how many Baby Yodas can I raise? I hold out until dawn. That’s long enough, right?

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