The Time that Mando Disobeyed

Baby Yoda woke up craving chicken nuggies, but Mando had had just about enough of the little green guy’s shit. Making things levitate in the middle of the night, meant to startle Mando and give that little fucker a laugh. No, enough was enough. Chicken nuggies would have to wait. There was a cauliflower-crust pizza in the freezer, and that would have to do.

“Hey little boy, eat this pizza or starve. Your choice,” Mando said.

Baby Yoda raised his childlike, yet decrepit hand, and gave a twisting motion. Mando collapsed.

“The way, this is. Nuggies de Mando,” he said.

T.L. States lives in Tucson with his family, and his writing can be found at Hobart. He can also be found on Twitter as @epmornsesh.

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