Baby Yoda and the McDonald’s Mission

Baby Yoda woke up craving chicken nuggies from the house of the Great Mac. It would be a difficult mission, for Darth Vader had McDonald’s in lockdown. Luke looked at Princess Leia. “It’s your turn to try, don’t forget the fries.”

But then the Jedi has a brainwave. “Let’s use the nuggets from the freezer, Baby Yoda will not know the difference!” Many lives were saved from calling off the invasion of McDonald’s. Baby Yoda took one bite and spat it out. “I can taste the f*****g difference!”

Robin McNamara lives in Waterford City and with over 45 poems published worldwide, including having poems published with Saccharine Poetry, Pink Plastic House, Full House Literary Magazine, Literary Heist & Ephemeral Elegies

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