If my life was a cartoon,
to heal the world of
its natural disasters, I’ll be
Avatar Aang, I’d
master the four elements &
bend them all to create equilibrium
of balance in the realm

If my life was a cartoon,
I’ll cheat death by being
Tom—the phoenix rising from deadly
executions orchestrated by Jerry
eon and eon times

If my life was a cartoon,
and I have a wish list,
I will be in same boat with Aladdin,
for a lamp in hand (of course
with Genie within) equals
two shooting stars in a blue moon

If my life was a cartoon,
and I need a therapist to cure
me from malady of the Animaniacs,
would be my psychic

If my life was a cartoon,
and robbers descend on my house
I ain’t giving up secret code of my safe
I’d wait for their bullets to come flying without
worrying because they will bounce back on
Superman’s chest in a flash

If my life was a cartoon,
and I desire to take over the world,
Pinky & Brain would be my allies
for it would be our daily priority

If my life was a cartoon,
and I want to unleash the dragon in
me, I’d be Naruto and battle my
pain to win the war with Pain

If my life was a cartoon,
and I crave for friends with benefits
I’d like to be Barney, cos I’m sure
my friends would bring me back to life
when I can’t breath, speak or see anymore

Abdulrahman is his formal name. He goes by the botanical name Yaman which his kindred call him. Abu is an abbreviation of his surname—which his father further abbreviates to just A. He dances with duchesses in England (in his poems), drinks wine with Rumi and Shams (in his poems), and dines with philosophers (in his poems). His poem is a finalist in the Hysteria Writing Competition 2020. He tweets @abuu_yaman

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