Requiem for a Dream

I melted into the marijuana-infused couch last night, watched

Jared Leto spiral while I leaned on Morgan, utterly unbalanced.

As I silently observed the spiraling, the falling apart, I wondered

how Leto went from this to the shittiest Joker portrayal in American history.

The motion picture escalated, quickly grew grisly. After Leto’s arm

was amputated, and his girlfriend sold herself in exchange for heroin

at that party, I ended up at home, alone, panicking in my own bed.

We should have googled the definition of


SG Huerta is a Chicana poet from Dallas. They are pursuing their MFA at Texas State University and currently live in Texas with their cat Lorca. They are the author of the forthcoming chapbook The Things We Bring with Us: Travel Poems (Headmistress Press, 2021). Find them on Twitter @sg_poetry

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