Death by PowerPoint


I’m sure there is powerpoint in hell

Deep down in those levels

Dante couldn’t pierce.

Are there any questions

and is it okay to 

want to violently beat to death

Those that do ask

for some clarification

of some minor point

that was just filler anyway!

Not a question but a comment one person says

and why not choke this bastard

who can not follow simple instructions?

I wore my best suit and tie

but I feel the effect is lost,

with my bleary eyed stare

and drool streaming from my lips.

Now I know why people

rob banks and sell drugs,

because drug dealers

never have to sit through


Japhy Mitchell is a poet and librarian who lives with his dog Tarkovsky. Their poems have been or scheduled to be published in several print and online publications, including Spiralbridge, Scissors & Spackle, BlogNostics, streetcake, Door is Ajar and The Legendary. Follow him on Instagram @poetjaphymitchell.

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