Tech Fatigue


I Am Sam. Sam I Am.
Did you get my email, ma’am?

I got your message, Sam I Am.
I pulled it from the file marked “Spam.”

Did you see my Facebook post?
The one that said that Trump is toast?

I saw your post about the Don.
I gave a “Cheers” emoticon.

Have you checked your Messenger?
The post from Irene Schlesinger?
She said if I’m a real true friend
I’ll send it on before day’s end
to fifty other people, so
I wrote to everyone I know.
I have never met Irene,
but I don’t want her to think I’m mean.

Now I’m waving! Here’s a poke!
I’m sending you a funny joke!

Have you checked your Twitter feed?
There’s a tweet you’ve got to read!

Sam, if I read every tweet,
I will have no time to eat.

Hey there, folks, it’s time to Zoom!
Meet me in the Breakout Room!

Sam, I’m in a meeting now,
on Google Hangouts. Tell me how –

That’s OK! Just share your screen!
God gave you two eyes! Hi, Irene!

Hey there, ma’am! I’m back! It’s Sam!
Why don’t you have Instagram?

You need to join my Snapchat group
or you’ll be left out of the loop!

Don’t you ever check your roof?
It’s a carrier pigeon, goof!

I wrote to you Pony Express!
He’s on your front lawn now, I guess!

Can you hear this? Tap, tap, tap!
You must install the newest app!
That woodpecker that’s on your sill?
He’s tapping Morse code! It’s a skill
you should have mastered as a Scout!
But now is not too late, you lout!

Now look outside toward the west!
Smoke signals! All to you addressed!

Wait! There is one message more!
Lassie’s pawing at your door!

Sam, I’m listening, OK?
Tell me what you want to say.

Nothing, really, ma’am. It’s only
I thought you might be feeling lonely.

Cheryl Caesar lived in Paris for 25 years. She now teaches writing at Michigan State University. Last year she published over a hundred poems in the U.S., Germany, India, Bangladesh, Yemen and Zimbabwe. Her book Flatman: Poems of Protest in the Trump Era, is available from Goodreads and Amazon.

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