For starters, “light beer” is neither.

It will not help you find your way,

nor does it taste like anything

you should want to put in your mouth.

Pure advertising gimmick,

like so many things

supposed to be good for you:

Light up a Lucky …

Light of the world …

Enlightenment …

Lux (originally “Sunlight Flakes” detergent;

probably similar in taste to light beer).

Images and adjectives are like that:

imaginary, suspected, hoped-for things,

with many imaginators (. . . well . . . it’s a word now)

whose self-stories flash and flicker to suggest

that their only desire is to

Brighten your path, or your smile. . .

Light your way . . .

Lead you out of darkness or dis-ease

with which you presumably are afflicted

(by roads that lead most often

into the pockets of the tellers of the tales).

May I suggest instead a regular regimen

of something with color, flavor, future–

IPA, stout, molasses-infused bread–

something, anything, of your own choosing,

ideally something NOT “As seen on TV.”

Then wait for the light.

If you’re lucky, it will find you.

C. T. Holte: Born in Minnesota before color TV.  Played under bridges and in cornfields; did a bunch of school; then gigs as teacher, writer, editor, and less wordy things.  Recently transplanted to New Mexico and enjoying fiery chiles, blazing sunsets, and good places to eat.  Writes mostly about love, trees, fields, and blue water.

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