Salute to the Bottle’s End


A welcome balm to life’s miseries,

You are, oh wondrous elixir, a crutch.

You are there to smooth over the cracks

And strains of our existence.

Cold, smooth, golden, glowing,

You are a prize to be bought and brought home.

The simple guttural glug as you pour

Into crystal, carved glass is comforting, welcome.

Eyes closed, the first sip is savoured

And stress shrugs off like mist in the sun.

Ah wine, the modern-day psychiatrist,

To be taken when the doctor is not wanted.

Ah wine, we salute your comforting call

And savour your honeyed flavour to the bottle’s end.

D A Nelson is an award-winning writer of kids’ fantasy and books for adults. They live near Loch Lomond in Scotland with their two kids, three dogs and two chickens. Visit their website, like them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter @danelsonauthor.

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