Sci-Fi Horror Virtual Reality Videogame Or Life During Covid-19?

  1. Streets eerily quiet
  2. Creepy set design
  3. The reality of the entire situation is pretty unsettling
  4. Potentially nauseating at times
  5. Grandma doesn’t really understand and thinks you should be outside
  6. There are some rules
  7. Personal grooming not a real priority
  8. Sweatpants and hoodies the uniform du jour
  9. Cereal for dinner totally cool
  10. Easy to procrastinate doing other important tasks
  11. No daycare for the kid(s) can really cramp your style
  12. Easy to lose track of time
  13. Day and night seem arbitrary
  14. Coffee then booze, in that order
  15. Eat a lot of takeout
  16. Lots of empty store shelves
  17. Can’t interact with background characters
  18. Strangers running toward you is scary
  19. Actually anybody running toward you is scary
  20. Mainly get off the couch to sleep and use the bathroom
  21. You can wander around but only within certain parameters
  22. Go to sleep thinking about it
  23. Dream about it
  24. Wake up sleeping about it
  25. Okay, basically, think about it all the time
  26. Jump scares abound
  27. Never know what fresh horror is waiting around the next corner
  28. Occasionally question what sick sense of humor conceived of all this
  29. It’s single-player, yes, but you’re part of a community
  30. You really want to get to the end

R. Daniel Lester is the author of the hardboiled humour novellas Dead Clown Blues and 40 Nickels from Shotgun Honey/Down & Out Books. His comedy writing has also been published on Points in Case, Little Old Lady (LOL) Comedy, Slackjaw and dystopian satire site, You can follow him on Twitter @RDanielLester.

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