1. Place an ice-cube on the earlobe of your left ear.

2. Breathe slowly into a paper sack.

3. Drink a glass of water while standing on your head..

4.  Say quickly seven times:

  “Hiccups, sticcups, stand straight up.”

 5. Hold your breath and count to 100 by fives.

 6. Think of seven baldheaded men.

 7.  Ask a friend or a relative to scare you.

Louis Phillips’ recent poetry publications include The Domain of Silence, The Domain of Absence: New and Selected Poems (Pleasure Boat Studio, 2015), The Domain of Small Mercies: New & Selected Poems ], Volume 2 (Pleasure Boat Studio, 2017), How Wide the Meadow (World Audience Publishers, 2019).

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