Timeless Spirits


gathered souls

needed break

drowning sorrow


sweet or sour

dark or light

stored in barrels

corked in tight

“here’s to friends”

play the game

“what’s your pleasure?”

ease the pain

centuries old

studied, skilled

flavored oak wood

brewed, distilled

blushing bride

champagne punch

job promotion

rounds at lunch

barley, hops

ripened vine

sour corn mash

aged with time

drink of Kings

and of thieves

those elated

those who grieve

on the rocks

take it neat

chilled over ice

dry or sweet

tap the keg

toasted years

light the pudding

best man cheers

sake, ale

stout, ouzo

tequila lime

red merlot

cocktail hours

after work

speakeasy hides

shadows lurk

ban the bar

build the still


law repeal

broken homes

gripping vise

Holy, Sacred

Drink of Life

history scrolls

cup in hand

timeless spirits

born of land

Linda Johnson writes and rhymes in the woods of North Carolina. Her poetry has won numerous awards, including the North Carolina Poetry Society, appearing in their anthology, Pinesong.  Her work has also been featured on The Literary Whip by Zoetic Press. Follow her on Twitter @emaillindaj.

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