Top 10 Cheese Sticks in West Virginia


1. Sheetz:

These cheese sticks are nothing short of divine.  The coating is flavorful, spices plenty enough to satisfy even the most advanced chef.  I tell you, I thought I was dreaming after the first taste. 

2. Walmart:

These sticks are extremely thick and large.  Wink.  They are pleasurable to hold.

3. Arby’s:


5. Huddle House:

These sticks fit the expectation you’d have after looking at the restaurant: greasy and tastes of carbs.  Sometimes, that is what we want.  Enough said.

6. CJ Maggie’s:

It’s a high-class restaurant, at least for a small town in West Virginia.  You walk in, assuming the sticks will be fancy, the marinara thick.  No.  The marinara is watery at best, genuine liquid at worst.  The sticks?  Melty, drippy excuses of mozzarella.

7. Burger King:

These cheese sticks are deceiving.  They look plump and satisfying, but in actuality, they are crusty, dry, and icky-tasting.  Also, they only give you four, and while not related to the quality of the sticks themselves, this does make me hate them more.




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