Two Flash Pieces By Archit Joshi


A Sunday Wasted

“You’re getting the wrong holes!”

Sweat glistened on her brow. This was supposed to be exhilarating; so everyone said. But her husband had no appreciation for the delicate intricacies of the act. For the ascension of heartbeats, the playful oscillations between force and gentleness.

She sighed; Sunday golf was ruined.

A Recipe for Disaster

The newly welcomed wife had suddenly become a much sought after hero. She basked in praise after the family dinner, for her pasta.

“I want that recipe!”

“What’s that sauce?” 

“That extra salty flavor agrees so much with my palette!”

Who knew an untimely sneeze would garner so much attention?

Archit Joshi is an author from India who loves writing character-driven stories. He also works as a content writer, and is eager to add several writing styles to his arsenal. His fiction has been published in many reputable anthologies and magazines, with forms including short stories, drabbles, and 10-word micro-fiction. Follow him on Twitter @ArchitJoshi

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