Two Poems By Kira Stevens


Great Band Name 

Supple Garbage 

Moister Smooch

Pickle Grey

Born Soonish

Womb Goblin

Nimble Rock

Douche Canoe 

Stain Glass Staircase

Deadpan Pizzaz 

Jenga Sage 

Suicide Pretzel 

Papa Shoes Showdown

Ass Clown Kaleidoscope

Concrete Canopy

Smooth Cubes 

Drug Butts Incorporated

Banana Movement

Wrinkly Brick

Full Fuzzy Void 

Jellybeans Anonymous 

Belly of the Jam

Mega Monologue 

Seed Garnish Sailorman 

Velvet Demons

Bazinga Birds 

Combat Cranium 

Bop Me Doodle 

Ominous Eagle Shed

Jolly Omnipresence 

Group Jibber Jabber

Goat Toad 

Brats In A Bag

Squirt Ripple 

Delta Daddy 

Dumpster Phallus Forever

Sonic Brail 

Feral Geese 

Land Liquid 

Embrace The Malaise

Clear Search History

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Myers Briggs relationships

can rain spiders hurt humans

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angsty synonym 

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Kira Stevens is an MFA candidate at The New School in NYC studying creative writing poetry. Follow her on Instagram @words4food and on Twitter @kirawritespoems.

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