All day inside, summer heat
Trapped between shoe & feet
We just wanted to be free.

She ordered a drink
Sat down on the couch
Kept us waiting, sipping

Something cool and fizzy.
Finally, she decided to let
One of us, then the other

Breathe. We got to snuggle
Against leather, she paid
Us no mind ‘til she felt

Sweat between her toes
Our fluff sticking to skin
It was time to pull us off.

Wait…No…don’t leave us
On the floor, splinters
Pulling threads, we want

To feel the couch instead.
Hours pass, pint glasses
Line up above, salty dust

Sprinkles us like pepper.
Until she puts her shoes
back on, leaves us flounder.

Wait, don’t go, woman!
We’re your favourite ones.
You’ll never replace us.

Tomorrow we’ll be gone.
The pub staff will think you
Nuts, looking for a pair of socks.


We did not deserve this fate
Now we rebel, we’ll never
Go on anyone else’s feet again
We’ll hide behind the bookshelf

For the rest of time and gossip
About pub regulars. If they get
Too drunk we’ll come out
And give ’em a good socking.


She came back looking
For us, we could not resist

Screaming her name from behind
The cabinet, she could barely hear

The barmaid’s voice over The Smiths
‘Heaven knows I’m miserable now’

We gave up, stopped screaming & sang
Along, ‘cause fuck, we really felt it.

Nora Blascsok is a Hungarian poet based in Brighton, UK. Her latest poems can be found on Harana Poetry, Dust Magazine and the Babel Tower Notice Board.

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