Rasslin’ Roundup: Deconstructing Professional Wrestling

“You know it’s fake, right?”

Yes, we are aware. 

Professional wrestling is no different than your favorite television show or movie. With wrestling, just like other mediums of entertainment, it is important to suspend your disbelief. Wrestling has never claimed itself to be real. Neither has Jurassic Park, Game of Thrones, or Stranger Things. 

I fell in love with wrestling as a child. Despite my best efforts I have been unable to detach myself from it. Now, I am no longer ashamed from that fact and embrace it. 

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin was my favorite growing up. He represented the common person and often stomped a proverbial mudhole in his boss’ ass. As a kid, I knew that no employee could get away with that and return the next week. They would be fired. 

Austin represented angst and anger about everyday life we could all connect to. 

Professional wrestling is theatre with more stage combat. It tells a story every week. Much like in theatre, television, a book, or a movie, you become attached to those stories and those characters. 

I grew attached to Stone Cold as a child because I could see myself in him. 

Every week I will catch you up with what’s going on currently, its characters, its stories, and so much more. 

Recently, a copy of “The Young Bucks: Killing the Business” became DDT Iron Heavyweight champion. That’s right – a book. 

Once you accept that wrestling as a whole is absurd, it makes it all the more fun. But also, when done right, wrestling can be just as emotional as your favorite HBO drama. 

See ya in the squared circle.

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