Pixar Poems

Without words they talk
Without hearts or blood they love
They can’t be kept apart


Every pursuit is
important. Even the—SQUIRREL!—
small and simple ones.


Keep friends close to you
Like under your hat, because
Anyone can cook


lingering remains:
daughter has forgotten me
but aches for my song


They head for the fire,
At the last moment saved,
The claw!


You should always have
A greasy friend
To keep you going


Oh yes it’s witchcraft –
my hair is damned glorious,
each strand animated.


Our memories shift
As our emotions evolve.
Sadness isn’t bad.


Supers hidden then,
Now, a hero’s family
Rises to the task


bao, blood and paper magic: hallucinations. / my japanese mother fences with chop sticks; / stitching lessons, loved with fullness.


Earnestly seeking
connections under the sea;
found friendship… dentists.


Life in a snow globe
Isn’t all it’s cracked up to
be–paradise waits


Ode to Helen Parr

Pixar moms got it
going on; to be super,
that glorious ass


Roving rodents, well beyond cheese
Remy is a top chef “extraordinaire”
From the top of his hat to his talented little paws


We were insep’rable.
You held my hands and I flew.
My forever, gone.


Small lamp wants to play
There is no I in Pixar
Just a lamp with friends


In a world filled with magic
Nothing can strengthen a brothers’ bond like love.


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