Body and Soul

Billie Eilish responds to trolls who shamed her for wearing a tank top~Yahoo News

Before the Fall, the body hardly mattered.
In fact, we scarcely gave it any thought.
But shortly after Paradise was shattered
on the day when Holy Mother Eve was caught
exchanging bites of the forbidden fruit
for better understanding of the good
and evil influences in the garden,
we came to venerate our flesh and blood.
We understood that there would be no pardon,
no “getting back”. The soul was destitute.
Instead we crafted an ideal of beauty,
a golden idol built of skin and bone
as hard for God to handle as the fruit He
made so beautiful the day that Eve was shown
the many colors of her birthday suit.

Rick Mullin’s poetry has appeared in various journals and anthologies, including American Arts Quarterly, The Raintown Review, The New Criterion, and The Dark Horse. His latest collection, Lullaby and Wheel, was published by Kelsay Books in 2019.

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