Rasslin’ Roundup: Guide to Terminology and Match Types

Wrestling, like any new experience/or fandom, can be overwhelming. Much like Game of Thrones, or your favorite cinematic universe, there is a lore attached with it. This guide will serve as a basic introduction to wrestling terminology and match types.

Let’s begin with the terminology:

Babyface – crowd favorite, good person (Hiroshi Tanahashi, Daniel Bryan, Hulk Hogan)

Heel – antagonist, despised by fans (Jay White, Roman Reigns, MJF) 

Tweener – in between, neutral (Cody, Stone Cold, Dangerous Tekkers) 

Jobber – someone that often loses 

Jobber to the stars – someone that always loses to bigger names 

Kayfabe – in canon to the story. Breaking kayfabe would be similar to breaking fourth wall in theatre

Storyline – story being told by the wrestlers

Angle – another term for storyline, a component within the storyline. 

Bump – how the wrestlers fall onto the mat 

Burial – to lose all momentum, placed in bad storylines, etc 

Gimmick – character type wrestler is. Ex: “Hangman” Adam Page is a cowboy. 

Match Types:

These are the types of bouts the wrestlers settle their score in. Matches can be used to advanced storylines, end feuds, or be a general exhibition. 

Single Match Types

1v1 – general exhibition 

Tag Match Types 

2v2 – general tag match 

Tag matches can be modified to a six, seven, and eight wrestler tag match. 

Gimmick Match Types 

Ladder – wrestler must climb ladder to grab the championship to win the belt. 

Hell in the Cell – Ring is surrounded and covered by steel. It is considered one of the most brutal match types. 

Tables, Ladders, and Chairs – this match features and uses well – tables, ladders, and chairs. 

Royal Rumble – 30 person elimination tournament. Last person standing is the winner. 

“X” on a pole – winner must claim whatever is on the pole 

Steel cage – like Hell in a Cell without a cage covering on top 

Barbwire match – ropes are replaced with barbwire 

No DQ – wrestlers have freedom to do whatever they damn well please. No rules. 

There is so much more to the world of professional wrestling I will be sharing with you. I hope this guide helps bring clarification.  

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