Other Chicago-Based Shows NBC Should Consider Developing

It just feels like Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D., Chicago Med, and The Deed: Chicago are no longer enough.

  1. Chicago Hot Dog Vendor
  2. Chicago Ventriloquist
  3. Chicago Zumba Instructor
  4. Chicago DMV
  5. Chicago Podiatrist
  6. Chicago Dog Walker
  7. Chicago Busboy
  8. Chicago Cable Guy
  9. Chicago Tarot Card Reader
  10. Chicago Docent
  11. Chicago Barista
  12. Chicago Dry Cleaner
  13. Chicago Teddy Bear Collector
  14. Chicago Costco
  15. Chicago Taxidermist
  16. Chicago Unemployed Copywriter

Liz Alterman is the author of the humor blog On the Balls of Our A$$ets, which chronicles the period that came after she and her husband were laid off within six weeks of each other. (Spoiler alert: Don’t try this at home.) Her work has been published in  McSweeney’s.

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