New Year’s Revolution

Another year has come to an end.

     Time to make a fresh start.

Has something been happening

     that keeps tearing you apart?

Why does change have to be matched

     to a special time of year?

It can happen at any given time,

     without worry and without fear.

Altering the current path

     means you’ll have to be strong.

Today is a good day to start.

     Don’t let it go all year long.

People will want to know

     what’s your New Year’s resolution?

Giving this information to anyone

     is not the right solution.

There’s only one person who knows

     what will be best for you.

So go ahead and ask yourself,

     what things do I need to do?

No one else needs to know

     changes that are on your mind.

When you don’t live up to it,

     they will always put you in a bind.

Don’t pay attention to the media

     telling you to follow a trend.

Go down your own chosen path.

     You’ll be happier in the end.

Celebrating a new year

     is a great way to go.

Don’t let your flaws be public.

     They are only for you to know.

Making life changes

     takes inner desire.

No one has the power

     to ignite your passionate fire.

So, keep moving forward.

     You know you can do it.

Do whatever it takes

     to create the perfect fit.

Move away from the crowd.

     Don’t be like all the rest.

It is your own path

     to become your very best.

Nelson R. Locher started writing poetry at a young age, but it was a private hobby. He kept his work to himself for many years and never thought of going public until he joined the Hamburg Writers’ Group. Since then, over eighty of his poems have been published in The Daily Drunk, The Buffalo News, WestWard Quarterly, Ariel Chart and elsewhere.

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