Shorts In Winter

Well, there’s a strange thing that I’ve noticed
in these sub-zero temperatures.
Is that you always see some geezers,
walking outside wearing shorts.

Who are they trying to impress,
what are they trying to achieve ?
Showing that they’re tougher than the rest,
or they’ve got no feeling beneath the knees ?

It’s just another thing that I don’t understand,
as I get older there’s more and more.
In front of their fireplaces they must stand
as they try to thaw out their balls.

Ian Lewis Copestick is a 48 year old writer from Stoke on Trent EnglandHe’s had over 300 poems and stories published in over 20 e-zines.His debut collection of poetry ” The Detritus Of The Drunken Night ” was published in 2019 by Cajun Mutt Press.In 2020 he was nominated for the Pushcart Prize.

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